Susie’s story: training for the London Marathon

Last month we met Susie, who’s training at Andover Leisure Centre for the London Marathon.

Susie training for the London Marathon

This month, we catch up with her to hear how it’s all going – and how she’s improving her stamina and endurance:

When we last met, you said you were going to be increasing your distances. How has that been?
I have had a minor setback with an Achilles strain, but I’m having physio treatment on it – so it’s improving.
I’m just trying to be careful with it. I’m upping the miles, but not pushing it. Christmas is probably a good time to have a break!

How do you plan to keep yourself motivated over the Christmas period?
I’m keeping motivated because I know that April will come very soon, especially once it’s January.
I know that I can’t really relax too much, but I will take time to enjoy myself.
It’s great having the facilities at Andover Leisure Centre, because it’s more difficult to run when it’s dark and the weather’s bad.

What else is helping you prepare at this stage?
I’ve started going to Studio Cycling classes. They’re really tough, but have helped my stamina.
I just melt after every session!
I’m doing a class pretty much every day now, and on top of that coming to the gym – so I’ll be as fit as a flea by the end of this!

So have you had any major milestones along the way, or is it just about keeping it building up?
I don’t want to ramp up the miles too much at this stage.
I need to be careful with my physical ability, and build up my core strength without doing too many miles.

You’re fundraising has reached nearly £1000 now. How’s it all going?
It’s going really well. Everyone has been really supportive – friends, family and colleagues.
I’ve started clearing gardens to raise funds, so my weekends are very busy with that and training.
As well as that, I’ve got my auction coming up in February.
Local businesses have been very supporting in offering up prizes – like The Hawk Inn and Cove Jewellery, and there’s other prizes like spa treatments, physio treatments and a Michelin starred chef is offering to cook for 10-50 people in their own home.

Susie training for the London Marathon

Susie has been training with Al at Andover Leisure Centre, and here he gives us his top tips for marathon training:

“Susie’s doing really well so far. For her strained Achilles, she should try stretching to help ease it.

For building her endurance, I’d recommend circuit training – with different levels of intensity. This is great for her heart, and make running easier.

She should also start slowly building up her distances to be going further and further.

Functional circuits are great for conditioning, along with resistance work for her legs and core to help her run.

As the day gets nearer, Susie will need to be training at least three or four days a week, working on endurance, circuits, resistance and core work.”

You can donate to Susie by clicking here, and join us in supporting her towards the big day.


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