Susie’s story: “The London Marathon is my life’s ambition”

Valley Leisure member Susie Currie has set herself the daunting challenge to run the London Marathon in April.

Susie Currie London marathon training

We caught up with her to talk fundraising, training, and avoiding injury.

You’re all signed up for the marathon on the 13th April – is this your first one?
It is! I’ve always managed to avoid it – or make up excuses – for previous events. This year has been a tough one for me, so I’ve decided to do it to give me something to work towards, and focus my attention.
The London Marathon has been a life ambition for me, and it will be great to raise money for charity.

How did you get your place for next year’s marathon?
Liberty Global, who own Virgin Media (where I work), were offering 12 golden tickets to run for the Lessons for Life Foundation charity. I applied online, and had to state why I wanted to run the marathon and how I intended on raising £3000 for the charity.
I listed a few examples, including offering my services to local people – to do things like gardening, decorating and cleaning.
I also suggested that I hold an auction for a lunch-date at my favourite local pub.

Susie Currie marathon training

Have you done many other fitness events before?
When I was 19 I was  modern pentathlete, and represented Great Britain in the ladies national squad. That was a few years ago now!
I’ve carried on keeping fit since then, though, and regularly go to the gym. I really enjoy running, and I’ve done a couple of 10k races and a half marathon. The London Marathon will be a great opportunity to go the extra mile – or 12!

You’re training with Al at Andover Leisure Centre – how’s it going so far?
Good so far – we’re developing a plan for me to keep me moving forward. My core fitness is pretty good, which really helps.
Al’s always very enthusiastic about demonstrating new exercises which are specific to what I want to achieve. He’s always encouraging, and will really watch you when you’re exercising – and suggesting new things to try – which is good.
From now on, we’ll review my plan as we reach certain milestones.

Susie Curry London marathon training

Where do you hope to be when we catch up in a month?
I’d like to be increasing my distances and building on my cardio fitness. I do need to take into account that as I get older, I want to avoid injuries. So I’m being very, very careful.
My overall aim is to complete the marathon in under 4 hours, so that’s what we’re working to. We’ll see how I do!

We’ll be catching up with Susie as she gets nearer to her marathon goal, and talking to her trainer, Al, for his top marathon training tips.
You can donate to Susie by clicking here, and join us in supporting her towards the big day.


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