Ju-Jitsu World Championships: meet the teams

Andover Leisure Centre recently played host to the Ju-Jitsu World Championships – Andover’s first world championships!

Ju-Jitsu World Championships

We went behind the scenes and found out what competitors love so much about the sport.

Michael Brian Cutting, 22, England
Michael Brian Cutting Ju-Jitsu

How long have you been doing Ju-Jitsu?
I’ve been doing Ju-Jitsu for five years. I got into it from my nephew. He introduced me to a club, and I joined up.

I just got hooked to it! I got my black belt before him though. I got it after two years which is quite quick.

Are you still better than your nephew?
Yeah! He’s about four belts away from black belt, so I’ve overtaken him!

We hope there’s no hard feelings! How do you think it’s going to go this weekend?
I think it’s going to be amazing. We’ve obviously got all the different teams, and it’s good because this is new for me. I’ve never done this before, so hopefully it’ll go well!

Are you local to Andover?
Yeah, I live here. It makes it easy not having to travel. I only live down the road, so I can chill there!

And I’ve got the best gym that I train with, so I’m feeling ready! It’s going to be fun.

Which event are you most looking forward to?
The grappling! Definitely, I love it. It’s got to be done!


Gregory Mojenier, 33, Switzerland
Gregory Ju-Jitsu Switzerland

How long have you been doing Ju-Jitsu?
Since 2009. I practiced Judo when I was younger, but gave up when I was 14. After that, I got into French boxing, and decided to find something with a closer fight.

Ju-Jitsu was for me, with the grappling. It’s very interesting.

Is grappling your favourite event?
Yeah, definitely. I’m looking forward to that the most.


Marty Wilson, 35, Australia
Marty Wilson Ju-Jitsu Australia

Well done on winning your match! How do you feel?
Awesome! There’s a lot of relief. It’s difficult being the first one.

But it’s good to get it out of the way, and it settles the nerves.  So I’m glad it’s over!

How long have you been doing Ju-Jitsu?
I’ve been doing it for the best part of 25 years. So far, I’ve really enjoyed it. It’s been a long road, but when you have events like this, it’s all about the rewards. So I’m happy.

How did you get into the sport?
I was getting out of trouble, but it appealed to me. So I thought I’d get involved with something and meet up with a different group of people. That was really my motivation.

Which is your favourite event of the weekend?
My favourites are the demo and the stand-up!


Mickey Dimic, Canadian team coach
Mickey Dimic Ju-Jitsu Canada coach

How long have you been coaching for?
I’ve been coaching for about six years, but I’ve been competing too. When I stop competing, I’m coaching.

What do you love about Ju-Jitsu?
I’ve been doing it all my life, I’m a two-time world champion. I do other arts too, so I like the spark.

I’ve got my son into it, and I’m competing with him, too. He’s here for this competition. He won the Canadian championship, four times and in different arts, too. He’s ready for this!

What do you enjoy about events as big as this?
It’s a good atmosphere and you meet a lot of friends. It’s a good group, right here.

Which is your favourite event of the weekend?
Sport Ju-Jitsu. And grappling, I enjoy that too.


David Bonner, 33, USA
David Bonner Ju-Jitsu USA

How are you feeling after your match?
Tired! I think that’s it for me today now. I’ll be rooting on my team mates!

How long have you been doing Ju-Jitsu for?
I’m relatively new to Ju-Jitsu. I’ve been doing it for about three years, after doing martial arts for almost all my life.

What got you into martial arts originally?
To be honest, Bruce Lee movies! I loved them as a kid, but then I wanted to do Karate or Kung Fu.

My father urged me to do Judo because that’s what he started in.

Which is your favourite event?
The grappling, definitely, but I think the Sport Ju-Jitsu will be a lot of fun to watch. It’s faster, and more flashy than Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.


Congratulations to everyone who took part in this year’s Ju-Jitsu World Championships. Click here to check out photos from over the weekend – and good luck in Switzerland in 2015!



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