Fit in 30mins: The X:Ten workout

It’s the oldest excuse in the book: ‘I don’t have time to exercise.’

Luckily, that’s no longer true.

With the help of Stu and Jake from The Rapids gym, we show you all the exercises you’ll need to fit a full-body workout into just half an hour.

Boxing exercise

Boxing is a fantastic warm up, as it helps to improve your aerobic fitness. As well as this is improves co-ordination, balance and core stability.

Tricep dips fitness

These dips work triceps, chest, shoulders and core.

Jungle gyms fitness

The jungle gyms work the upper body and core.

Pistol squats jungle gym

Doing pistol squats on jungle gyms work the legs and core.

Archer press ups

Archer press ups on the jungle gyms work both the upper body and core.


Pull-ups on the monkey bars also help to build up a strong core and upper body.

Jungle gym press ups

These jungle gym press ups complete the holy trinity of upper body and core work.

Agility ladder fitness

Using the agility ladder helps to improve upper body agility, as well as co-ordination and working that all-important core.

Squat box jumps

Squats may be scary, but these box jumps build up your legs and build power.

Monkey bars fitness

Going along the monkey bars is great for your arms, as well as your core and upper body.

Agility ladder cardio

Running along the agility ladder is great for cardio to keep you going. It also makes you really work on your co-ordination and footwork.

Scorpion plank jungle gym

After all your hard work, finish off back on the jungle gyms. These scorpion planks will work your core and round off your workout.

With these exercises, you can push yourself to the best of your own ability. You could choose to do 2 reps of each – or 20 – depending on your level of fitness.

The above exercises took place in The Rapids’ X:Ten studio. Please make sure to book an induction to X:Ten at reception or in the gym, and the fitness team will be happy to help you with a personalised programme.


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