Ask the experts: Why should I do Pilates?

Whether you’re really into your fitness regime or just starting to give it a go, you’ve possibly stumbled across Pilates a few times and not felt too sure about how it can benefit you.

Forget the ideals – that Pilates is just for lean-limbed individuals with perfect balance and core – and discover that it really is for everyone.

We caught up with our Pilates expert at The Rapids, Adam, to find out just some of the incredible benefits.

Adam Pilates 1

  • Pilates improves your muscle conditioning. This is especially useful if you’re trying to improve your endurance for a race or event, or even just want to be able to last longer on the treadmill.

Adam Pilates 2

  • Pilates improves your posture. Many of us are guilty of slouching over computer screens at our desks, and this inevitably causes damage to our posture. Poor posture can be a factor of athletic injuries, as well as long-term back pain – so it’s well worth improving.

Adam Pilates 3

  • Pilates reduces low back pain. Like poor posture, low back pain is a common complaint for many people – athletes and non-athletes alike. The exercises in Pilates help you to become aware of your body’s placement, and to reduce damage to your lower back.

Adam Pilates 4

  • Pilates helps with injury rehabilitation and prehabilitation. The low impact exercises in Pilates allow your body to stretch and rebuild damaged muscles safely after an injury. As well as this, it helps to prevent injury in the most common body parts and reduces the amount of rehabilitation required if an injury does occur.

Adam Pilates 5

  • Pilates increases flexibility and mobility. This is important for everyone, from dancers to people in later life. Increased mobility keeps you on your feet, enhances workouts and helps to prevent injuries. Increased flexibility works well in other areas of exercise and keeps your joints healthy.

Adam Pilates 6

  • Pilates enhances neuromuscular co-ordination and balance. This can be improved even in conditions such as Dyspraxia, where co-ordination and balance are impaired.

Pilates Adam 7

  • Pilates strengthens core muscles. Your core stability is vital to many other types of exercise and sport, and can enhance performance in these.

Adam Pilates 8

  • Pilates helps to release tension and muscle stress. Most of us are carrying around too much tension and stress, which Pilates really helps to break away. The breathing techniques work to relax you, while the stretches help work away muscle stress.

If you’d like to try a Pilates class to feel the benefits for yourself, check out the times below:

The Rapids: Tuesday 15:15 – 16:15, Friday 11:30 – 12:30
Pilates course dates can be found here.

Andover Leisure Centre: Pilates course dates can be found here.


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