Catching up with our triathletes

Over the weekend, assistant manager Craig and lifeguard Graham from The Rapids took part in the VLT – a standard distance triathlon spanning across Test Valley. We gave them a few days to recover before chatting to them about how they did.

It was a soggy finish to the VLT!
It was a soggy finish to the VLT for Craig and Graham

The VLT is an annual triathlon organised by Try Tri Events, and features three Valley Leisure fitness sites.

The challenge includes a 600m swim at Andover Leisure Centre, followed by a 30km cycle to The Rapids and ends with a 7.5km run to Knightwood Leisure Centre in Valley Park.

Race day was a big day for Graham, who also celebrated his 21st birthday. Having come in fourth place in last year’s VLT, the runner was aiming for a podium finish – and he didn’t disappoint.

The results came in, and Graham finished second with a total time of 1:39:06, while Craig finished in 40th place with a total time of 2:01:51.

Talking after the race, Graham said ‘I found it much tougher in places than last year, as I remembered most of what to expect, but made the mistake of underestimating some of the hills!’

The VLT was Craig’s first triathlon, and he was happy to complete the challenge close to his target time of 2 hours.

Graham and Craig train in The Rapids gym
Graham and Craig train in The Rapids gym

Did either of you find anything slowed you down?
Graham: ‘Traffic lights slowed me down the most – especially one set in Romsey, where my left leg cramped really badly after having to stop. At a different point, I thought I was going to end up in a hedge after taking a corner too fast!’
Craig: ‘About three-quarters of the way through the run I had some discomfort in my leg, which slowed me down. Just before finishing the race, I pulled my hamstring – and ended up limping over the line with a lot of encouragement.’

What’s the next event you’re taking part in, and how’s the training going?
Graham: ‘My next event will be running cross country for Southampton AC. So far my training is hit and miss, but I will be using two weeks holiday to get myself ready.’
Craig: ‘I’m looking forward to doing more triathlons next year. I think it’s my new sport, as it’s multi-disciplined and ticks all the boxes.’

Congratulations to Graham and Craig for their achievements, and to lifeguard Kat Newman-Judd, Test Valley Borough Council head of community and leisure services Dave Tasker for taking part, as well as all Valley Leisure members who joined in.

Valley Leisure will be teaming up with Try Tri Events next year for another exciting season of events, so keep your eyes peeled and get ready to join the competition!


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